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Project Area B: Cellular interactions with polyelectrolytes

Projects gathered in area B will advance to the next level of chemical and biological complexity. In B1 and B2, polyanion-based matrices will be developed to support and promote neuronal cell adhesion, survival, differentiation and growth. The capacity to promote and direct axon growth and regeneration as well as the role of polyelectrolytes in infectious and neuronal diseases will be studied by varying the polymer architecture, anion character, and local density (patterning). Moreover, physical measurements and molecular modeling data will be related to the biochemical measurements and cellular model systems. Project B3 will address the specific interaction of a small polyelectrolyte system with proteins and unravel the molecular details of this interaction. The aim of projects in area B will be directly guided by the results derived from fundamental research in area A.


Project B1 - Dendritic polyelectrolytes to promote enhanced neuronal biocompatibility Project B2 - Dendritic polysulfates as neuroprotective agents Project B3 -  Oligoanionic inositol phosphates as therapeutics