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The NSERC CREATE-DFG IRTG Training Program in Polyelectrolyte (PE) Biosystems “Charging Into the Future (CITF)” is a new, innovative international training program at UBC and McGill, in partnership with Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), that will train a future generation of scientists and engineers in PE biosystems and technology.

PEs are naturally occurring or synthetic molecules or molecular assemblies with repeating units that bear at least a charged group. PEs regulate the stability, structure, and interactions of a wide range of biological systems. PEs have become enormously important in material science, biology, health applications, their high industrial relevance, illustrating the wide application range and the potential for numerous employment opportunities. Studies of PE comprises both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills from the fields of biomedical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, materials and therapeutics.

The CITF program will provide interdisciplinary training focused on PE projects that involve high quality training for graduates including industry-relevant skills via a well-crafted, value-added curriculum, hands-on training, international exposure and exchanges and innovative research. This will be achieved by:

1. training the next generation of scientists and engineers through an integrated approach to PE science, technology and biology

2. fostering excellent leadership, communication, and professional skills through dedicated avenues and outreach activities

3. leveraging interactions with industry and the international nature of the program to support trainees in establishing networks through collaborations thereby opening up avenues for their future careers

For more information visit: https://citfcreate.ubc.ca/